// All About Me

Alaa El-Din Ezzat was Born in Cairo , Egypt 17th of March 1991 His talent went out to public when he was 7 years old at his school when he was 10 he was singing in "The Arabic Music Band" For the Eastern Music,

He started playing on Piano & Guitar & Violin. At age 16 he made his first production of music which made him start in the real world of Music, he made his music and songs with his friends and they were working on them hardly and made a band and then they had some financial issues which made them seperate as single singers.

Alaa Ezzat is now one of the best singers in the 4th Generation of singers.

The best voice on the level of private schools and a certificate of honor from the ministry in 2008.

The best voice on the level of the university in 2011.

And also holds the third place in the arts activity on the university and the Ministry of Higher Education Level in 2012.


Personal Information

Full Name: Alaa El-Din Ezzat
Date Of Birth: 17 - March - 1991
Star Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Egypt/Cairo
Nick Name : Alaa Ezzat
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Egyption
Occupations: SingeršŸŽ¤ PhotographerĀ®šŸ“· and media producer and Other..
Years active: 2009
Favorite Male Singer: Abd El-Halim Hafez / Abd El-Wahab
Favorite Female Singer: Umm Kulthum / Fayrouz
Labels: No label


Personal Interests

Walking, swimming, walking dogs and writing, I love being a husband and father. I love all animals, and I love music and playing on some machines, photography and many other things, also like to be patient adheres internally, and satisfied with what pleases God to me.